Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my bad house

my house is so bad I can't even put my bed in it. it keeps going to some hospitol like a doctor. plus it moves away. I'm prrety much homless plus it summer so it went to Alaska so I got a new house.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

chilli day

thow in a bag of meat.

get me a bag of beets.

cause tonight we eat chilli.

I'm going all willy nilly.

todays the day I come out of the closet wait I making chilli.

my chilli tastes like naucious gas.

smells like a dog pased gas.

get the buned brocoli & swiss cheese.

grab the rice and caned peas.

rotten tomatoe juice.
spray in a can of mouse.
8 billion digees.
now eat your chilli please

The boy who calls his wii a piece of assparagas

when my friend got a wii he called it asparagus. I said it's a wii but he said your retarded. I said look on cover he said they are retards. I said they created it but he said thats a stupid name. harry I'll never get but I know he rides the short bus and hes not my friend but dad says too bad. I did stick a cherry bomb in his pocket so he should be sorry.

fat cat

one day this fat cat came to my house .I tried to lift it but it weights ten tons. it tried to jump on the couch but it made the house callapse. then I figred out it was pig... kids we have hot dogs for lunch.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


all pollar bears flee or become a butler. I'd run if I was a pollarbear. they mite not even become butlers so flee pollar bears

mr crapo

mr. crapo is a good butler but he poops to much. once he gave me tea and I could see the poop hanging out of his pants. by the way he does not wear underwear. if you give him underwear you will be found chained to bricks dead under water. enjoy your new butler


one day the gangsta's when to chichigay & beat the crap out of him.now that wont happen because he has a pocket protector.now chichigay disables their cellphones which kills half of them.the gansta's plan is to give him a driveby.but he is saved by his pocket protector.